European Project

Programme: Europe for Citizens Programme – Strand 2, Measure 3: Civil Society Projects

Project Reference Number: 588910-CITIZ-1-2017-1-ES-CITIZ-CIV

Project Title: Active Democratic Change in EU Society

Project Dates: 08/2017 – 09/2018

Description of the project:

Four Partner Organisations delivered this project in each other’s countries; Estonia (December 2017), England, UK (March 2018), Macedonia FYROM (April 2018) and Spain (June 2018).

We informed citizens about the European Union (EU), some policies and agendas for 2020. We tried to understand EU scepticism, the causes and alternatives to Brexit in the UK. We explored Democracy, Transparency and Corruption in our nations. We debated about the future of Europe; the development of proposals to enhance civic participation; giving of voice to the citizens, fomenting intercultural dialogue and co-operation of participants from different cultural backgrounds.

Activities delivered during the project were SWOT (matrix risk), case studies, workshops, campaigns, debates, IT tools, sharing of effective practices and “no formal education” methods.

We transferred results of a questionnaire and the impact of the project through a report, podcasts, marketing via our website and also social media.