Youth Services

– We offer a warm and welcoming environment that meets the diverse cultural and religious needs of our TLC-YouthServices-Borderchildren & young people.

– We offer a range of training and development opportunities for children and young people.
– We run Holiday Play schemes, evening and weekend activities through out the year.
– Our Activities are focus on personal development, which includes self-esteem and self-confidence.
– We address issues of social exclusion that are faced by children and young people today.
– We support children & young people in academic attainment and personnel life skills that are required to make a positive life changes.

Sports and Leisure Activities:
Football, Swimming, Rounders, Pool, Table Football, Basketball, Bowling, Ice-skating, self defense, Games Consoles, Trips, Climbing, caving & many others…

Educational Activities:
Homework clubs, life skills workshops, IT support (using a PC and internet), Literacy & numeracy clubs & many more…

Personal Development:
Confidence building, glass painting, henna designing, dressmaking, health & fitness, mentoring, team building, assertiveness training & many more…

Promoting Inclusion & Integration for the Next Generation


For more details please call: 01902 714433