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Jog and Blog


  1. Jogs/Walks – Visits to outdoor gym (Peace Green – Dunstall) The gym is free to use and an excellent way for all age groups, regardless of fitness levels, to keep fit and active. The gym offers 8 pieces of equipment including a double air walker, arm and pedal bike, seated leg press, double rower, combination chest press, double cross country skier, leg lift and side surfer.

  2. Sports Dunstall Hill Community Centre Young people will choose from varied activities including: Volleyball, Football, Multi-Skills, and Dodgeball.

  3. Blog –  TLC IT suite The group will work on an online “Summer Project Diary” – to include; photos of group activities, scenic places visited; details of group achievements; fitness information; “Challenge Board”…

  4. Reward Activity The group will be given a small budget with which to choose a reward activity for the final session of the summer project.

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Session Details

31st July – 31st August

Tuesday’s 1:00 pm till 4:00 pm


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Eesha's Blog - TLC 6 Week Summer Project.

1.       Introduction Intro

The summer holidays are great but there’s always times when we will get bored!! That’s why I came with my cousins to TLC hoping for a summer of fun and sports.

In the first session we got to know the other kids and the friendly fitness leaders, it felt like a great place to come to. I really liked the idea of blogging about all the stuff we would do.  The other thing that really excited me was the target of walking 1000 miles I actually never thought that was even possible, especially as I didn’t even know how long a mile was… I guess I was about to find out!!!


2.       Outdoor Gyms - Peace Green 20150818_14314720150818_134816

We went to “Peace Green” most sessions and we really enjoyed using the exercise equipment.  There was lots of equipment that helped exercise different parts of your body.  The fitness leaders told us about how to keep safe on the equipment.  Running around in the park was fab, I just love running and competing with the other children!

I actually have an outdoor gym nearby me at Bantock Park, I think I’ll be using that more often and even encourage my parents to use it!


3.       Community Centre – Dunstall Sports Hall20150728_14554220150811_151923 (2)

We played some fun ice-breaking games, which helped us find out a lot more about the other children.  One of the team games I really enjoyed was ‘cat and mouse’ – I think Manav and Ali make wonderful cats!!

Dodgeball was fun because everyone was so competitive – I think I need to brush up on my dodgeball skills!


 4.       Community Centre – TLC Computing Suite 20150804_14395520150804_144058

I really liked helping the younger ones with their ICT skills and getting help from others who knew more.  I did a lot of internet research on the benefits of walking – did you know that just 20 minutes of physical activity every day can help your brain function better – that will impress my teachers!  It was great seeing our photos and blog entries on the internet.

I felt famous!!


5.       Wolverhampton Parks - West Park 20150818_141906FullSizeRender20150818_141728

I had many highlights at West Park – It was a really sunny day!  T here was so much space to race with the other children – I’m quite competitive if I say so myself! We managed to cover a lot of miles on that day and some people were very tired – not mentioning any names – ‘Esa’!!  Taking photos was great but I quickly realised I’m 20150818_144522-1not a great photographer – too many were blurry!  Maybe I was still in race mode! The winning photograph was taken by Zina who took a great shot of her brother doing a headstand.  She also won £20 in gift vouchers!

One sport I really enjoy has to be football – that’s why West Park was awesome!!

20150818_143136 (2)

6.       Wolverhampton Million Mile Challenge 20150915_15460420150811_16054720150717_151830

We started the challenge slowly with Giada and Francesca doing the first miles in a 1 mile round trip to the Wolves football ground.  Soon we were clocking up lots of miles as Jay can show you on his pedometer!  We got lots of people to join including TLC staff and even mums and dads!

We had 44 people who walked an amazing 1,157 miles over the summer holidays – as Fiorella and Federica are showing all on the Totalizer!  It just shows how targets can be achieved with lots of people working together.  I think all of our group can say that we are very proud of beating our goal of 1000 miles – something I thought was impossible!


7.       Reward Activities 20150901_15571420150901_192724

After all our hard work, don’t you think we deserved a reward? Well we sure got one!  Bowling and yummy pizza was just the cherry on the cake.  What a great end to a holiday of fun, excitement and achievements. Can’t wait till next year!!


Eesha (Aged 11)

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