Million Miles for Wolverhampton


Everyone in Wolverhampton has been challenged to walk, run, swim or cycle 1 million miles collectively, for the city.

So far just over 10% of the target has been achieved.

If all residents in Wolverhampton covered 4 miles each we could reach our target.

TLC is asking everyone to contribute as many miles as they can over the summer holidays:


1 Mile overallEvery Mile Counts
4 Miles overallAverage City Requirement
2 Miles A DayYoung person (5 - 18) Daily recommended 60 minutes of exercise.
5 Miles A WeekAdult Weekly recommended 150 minutes of exercise.
OtherTo suit your health and fitness targets


What: Challenge to collectively cover 1,000 miles – through Walking, Running, Swimming or Cycling.

Cost: Free

Who: Anyone in Wolverhampton

When: 17th July to 31st August 2015

Where: Anywhere (treadmill; on the way to work/friends/shopping; parks: on trips/holidays…)

Why: To improve your own fitness and inspire others to get fitter together as a city.

How: Please submit the number of miles you have done to “TLC Million Miles For Wolverhampton Project” via any method below:




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