For Nursery Parents

Important Dates for 2014

  • Parents evenings week commencing 14th July
  • Graduation 16th July
  • End of term 18th July
  • Autumn term starts 8th September
  • Holiday club 21st – 29th August
  • Staff training day- Nursery closed 18th August

Important Dates for 2015

  • Parents evenings week commencing 19th January – Please see your child’s key person for details
  • Half term -16th February till 20th February
  • Holiday club -16th February to the 20th February
  • End of term- 30th March till 10th April
  • Holiday club- 30th March -1st April, 7th April 10th April
  • Team training day 2nd April -Nursery closed to All children
  • Bank holidays :- 3rd and 6th April- Nursery closed to All children


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