Language Centre


We have provided one of the main interpreting services for Wolverhampton since 1999. We have a proven record of being a professional and reliable service for our clients, which have included: Jobcentre plus, Primary Care Trust and the Wolverhampton City Council.



TLC Language Centre Ltd is dedicated to supplying an efficient and comprehensive translation and interpretation service for all, from private bookings to public sector organisation or even large businesses.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standards of translation and interpretation for all of our clients. Our interpreters are fully trained and recognise the importance of accuracy, cultural awareness, impartiality and confidentiality with all their work.

We aim to provide a personal service that can respond quickly and effectively to all client requests.

1 – Individual face-to-face interpreting

2 – Interpreting for groups

3 – Translation of publicity materials

4 – Translation of Documents

5 – Affidavits and notarisation of documentation

6 – Proof Reading

7 -We also offer a limited over the phone interpretation service

Our service can be provided in over 30 different Languages. Some of the languages we provide include:

– Arabic

– Czech

– Farsi

– French

– Hindi

– Italian                                                       – Russian

– Kurdish                                                    – Slovak

– Lithuanian                                               – Somali

– Polish                                                       – Turkish

– Punjabi                                                     – Urdu

Our fees are competitive and cost effective without jeopardizing the quality of your finished translation. The rates will vary depending on the language and the nature of your assignment. This will always be discussed with you prior to any undertakings.

If you would like to discuss your translation requirements in advance then you are welcome to call us on 01902 714433, or via email.

 To enquire or make a booking you can:

  • phone: 01902 714433
  • email:

TLC Language Centre Team: Shaz and Kalpna 

 If you are a qualified interpreter or have excellent language skills and would like to know about further training and working for TLC Language Centre; please contact as below:

TLC Language Centre Team: Shaz and Kalpna – phone: 01902 714433